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Hi there!
My name is Krisztina; I am the owner of the Little Country Shop. This is a space where you will find beautiful and unique magnets, perfect for decoration or as gifts. All of the magnets are designed by me, and each one is made with love.
The designs are inspired by my travels, by nature, and by the world around me. I hope that you will find something that you love, and that you will come back to visit my shop again soon!. Since launched in 2010, The Little Country shop has been the solution for all those who wished to spruce up their beat-up dishwashers or just wanted to bring a little flair into the kitchen. After all, it is an area where we spend a considerable percentage of our lives, whether we are bachelors, college grads, pensioners, or housewives. 

By definition, the Little Country Shop is a real family business;  run it with my sons, and my hubby. Not only are we a family but Canadians, too,  with Canadian values, which we aim to convey in our work with professional and friendly customer service and timely production quotas. I’m glad you stumbled upon our website. Let’s make the world more colourful together!

Store Details:

All products made in Canada
Ships from Cornwall, Ontario
Hours:  Monday - Friday 8 AM - 6 PM EST
Products are not available in stores

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